Our Story

A family-owned company

Located in the city of TENCE, in Haute-Loire, the company Duraplas was created in 2006 by the owners.

Initially farmers, the BLACHON brothers start rotomoulding in order to improve the farming equipments and the farmers living conditions.

With the help of some partners located in Australia, the United States, Argentina, the UK and New Zealand, the owners start developping Duraplas in France. Later, thanks to the success of their products, a branch is developed in Germany.

Enhanced by the notoriety of their fuel tanks, Duraplas carries on investing in new projects. In 2013, Duraplas innovates by offering to farmers a liquid fertilizer bunded tank. This project was rewarded at the farming trade show SPACE by a 2-star special price! The fruits of this project enabled to invest in a new unit dedicated to the conception of these tanks in order to meet the increasing demand of the farmers.

Product development

Development also means reflection. For that reason, Duraplas develops, designs and manufactures every day products that meet farmers expectations and perfectly suit the unique conditions of the french market and environment.

Each new product is tested and optimized according to the farmers request, which ensures a precise solution, adapted to the customers needs.

To improve its products, Duraplas set up an after-sales and reactive development service.

The Duraplas network

Duraplas sells its products through a distribution network throughout Europe in order to provide you a local service and support your local economy.